Zentrum für Deutschland- und Europastudien

Annual report 2016


Centre for German and European Studies has published the Annual report on its activities in 2016.


Have a look here:

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Research Papers Competition for Junior Scientists


Council of Young Scientists of the Faculty of Sociology (St. Petersburg State University) and Centre for German and European Studies (St. Petersburg State University—Bielefeld University), supported by DAAD, invite papers by junior researchers based in Europe in order to choose the winner getting the main prize:

a grant of up to 1275 EUR for a research trip to Russia.

Application deadline: 1st of September 2017.

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CGES PhD Fellowship Programme 2017


CGES offers a unique opportunity to those PhD students of St. Petersburg universities, whose dissertations involve field research in Europe.

The PhD Fellowship Programme is supported by DAAD.


Deadline: October 24, 2017.

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25th anniversary of the Centres for German and European Studies


Centres for German and European Studies celebrate their 25th anniversary.

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