Funding for junior researchers


This summer, Konstantin Kotelnikov, a PhD student of Institute of History at St. Petersburg State University and a finalist of fellows’ selection for the CGES PhD Programme, was funded by the Centre for German and European Studies to conduct a research trip to Germany to work on his dissertation concerning social history of Russian emigrant community of Berlin in the 20s.

Konstantin told us about what he managed to accomplish during six weeks in Berlin and Bielefeld:

At Bielefeld University, I attended lectures relevant to my project: Prof. Dr. Martin Diewald’s course on the analysis of social structures, Dr. Hans D. Mummendey’s social psychology course, and other classes on various aspects of social studies. The university library also provided me with a great opportunity to expand the bibliography of my research.

The most important part of the trip included work in the Berlin archives (the Landesarchiv Berlin and the Secret State Archives Prussian Cultural Heritage Foundation) and the Berlin State Library. The archives contain a significant number of new documents on social history of Russian emigration in Germany. Introducing them into scientific discourse will allow learning more about the insufficiently-studied everyday life of thousands of Russian first-wave emigrants.

I am thankful to all the CGES staff for supporting my project and giving me the opportunity to conduct this research trip. I would especially like to thank Dr. Verena Molitor and her colleagues at Bielefeld University for such a warm reception.

The analysis of data collected by Konstantin during the trip will be available in CGES working papers soon: