Chiara Pierobon

  • Research Associate, Post-doctoral Researcher at the Center for German and European Studies, Project Manager
Research areas:

Music, youth organizations, identity

Foreign languages:

Italian, English, German, Russian

11/08 – 07/12 PhD in Sociology at Bielefeld University, Germany + PhD in Sociology and Social Research at Trento University, Italy

PhD thesis: „Music and youth political organizations in contemporary Russia: the national identity issue”.

03/06 – 02/09 Master of Arts (M.A.) in „European Institutions and Regional Governance“ at Catholic University Eichstätt-Ingolstadt, Germany (Grade: Sehr gut, 1,49) + „Laurea Specialistica“ in Sociology and Social Research at Trento University, Italy (Grade: 110 cum laude)

Master’s Thesis: „Citizenship policies in Germany and Italy: the naturalization process“

09/02 - 05/06 Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) in Sociology at Catholic University Eichstätt-Ingolstadt, Germany (Grade: Sehr gut, 1,3) + „Laurea Triennale” in Sociology at Trento (Grade: 110/110)

Bachelor’s Thesis: „Die Rolle der Musik für den Rechtsextremismus in Deutschland“ (The role of music in the German Right-wing extremism)

International exchange experiences

08/10 - 11/10   Visiting Fellow at St. Petersburg State University, Russia / Centre for German and European Studies (CGES)

08/09 - 12/09 Visiting Scholar at University of California - Berkeley, US / Department of Sociology - Graduate Program in Soviet and Post-Soviet Studies

09/07 - 06/08 Visiting Student at University of California - San Diego, US / Department of Sociology - Center for Comparative Migration Studies

Participation in research projects and activities:

Since 2013

Erasmus Mundus Project "Globalisation, the EU & Multilateralism (GEM)" financed by European Union

Since 2012

"Analyzing Patterns of Regional and Interregional Cooperation: Central Asia, its Neighboring Countries, and Europe" financed by Volkswagen Stiftung

01/08 – 06/08 

“On the Ruin of Christendom: Islam and the Secular Faiths of the New West”

History Department, University of California – San Diego, US: Prof. Patrick Patterson 


“Successful stories of female migrants in Germany” (Pilot-project)

Bundesamt für Migration und Flüchtlinge – Nuremberg, Germany: Dr. Anja Stick

03/04– 08/04

“The ethnic conflict in Southern Tyrol, 1946-1980” financed by autonomous province of Trento

Sociology Department, University of Trento, Italy: Prof. Roberto Franzosi 

Teaching experiences:

03/13 St. Petersburg State University, CGES

Methodological Seminar: “Comparative Methodologies, Operationalizations and Specifics of European Studies Research”
Teaching on methodological implications of comparative European Studies
Working language: English

10/12 – 02/13 Bielefeld University, Department of Language and Literature

BA Course “Music and National Identity” (Initiative Internationales im Studium und Lehre)
Teaching on nationalism, political sociology, political science, sociology of music
Working language: English

04/12 – 07/12 Bielefeld University, Department of Sociology

BA Course “Music and Politics: between State Propaganda and Protest”
Teaching on political sociology, political science, sociology of music
Working language: English

09/10 – 11/10  School of Economics, Saint Petersburg

BA Course “Political Sociology”
Teaching on political sociology (authors: Marx, Weber, Lipset, Bourdieu) and supervision of the students individual research projects
Working languages: English and Russian
External funding and fellowships:
11/11 - 07/12 DAAD Scholarship for the completion of the doctoral thesis

08/09 – 09/12 Exchange Scholarship, International Visitors and Exchange Office (IVEO), UC Berkeley

11/08 - 10/11 PhD Scholarship, Graduate School in Sociology and Social Research, University of Trento, Italy

09/07 – 08/06 Exchange Scholarship, Education Abroad program (EAP), UC San Diego

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