Master programme "Studies in European Societies"

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The European societies are facing new challenges: Globalization, European integration and enlargement are changing not only the European nation states, but also their neighbours in the East. The increasing interdependence and complexity of political, economic, social and cultural processes affect all neighbouring European societies.

The Faculty of Sociology of Saint-Petersburg State University in cooperation with Bielefeld University (Germany) will offer a MA program that reflects these challenges. The two-year Master of Sociology degree "Studies in European Societies" (SES) is the first of its kind in Russia.
The program is designed for highly motivated students who want to pursue a career in the developing European-Russian relations and get executive positions in political agencies, non-profit organizations or private businesses, whether on the local, regional, national or international level. The multidisciplinary program equips future decision makers with the scientific knowledge and practical experience they will need to advance the European-Russian relations.

The SES program has an international outlook. It is taught in English by a team of Russian and German lecturers.

Russian university graduates with a degree in the humanities and, in particular, in social sciences, and good knowledge of English will be especially welcome to apply. MA program students will acquire basic and specialised knowledge of the structures, processes and problems of modern European societies in 25 compulsory courses (lectures, seminars, study groups). The research and practical training in suitable international organisations in Russia or Germany will give students a wide range of professional opportunities in the field of extending Russian-European cooperation. Graduates will have the necessary skills to work for non-governmental organizations, European and Russian foundations, international companies and industrial enterprises, the tourism industry, and the mass media. There are also opportunities for post-graduate study in Germany or Russia.

Admission requirements:

  • University degree (BA, MA, "specialist");
  • Strong English language proficiency


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To learn more about the MA SES program, please contact:

Dr. Olga Nikiforova  (Director of Programme)      

E-mail:, Phonе +7 (812) 274 23 82

Aleksandra Stepanova (Coordinator)                          

E-mail:, Phonе +7 (812) 274 23 82


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