Study Trip to Munich and Nuremberg


Center for German Studies at the European Forum at the Hebrew University invites all the students of DAAD Centres for German and European Studies to participate in a Study Trip to Munich and Nuremberg on August 29-September 7, 2017.  Topic: “Troubled Landscapes: Memories of Crises, Turmoil and Attacks in German History and Culture – Exploring Traces of Violence in the Topography of Munich and Nuremberg”.

Deadline for Application: April 21, 2017

Throughout the course of history, the city of Munich as well as other parts of Bavaria were fundamentally shaped by political turmoil, revolts and the outbreak of political violence; the 20th century, as a “century of violence” in particular, still affects ongoing political and cultural life in Germany.

Who can participate: registered graduate students affiliated with a DAAD Center for German and European Studies. Adequate (at least passive) knowledge of German, good English language skills are required. Applicants need to have a well-founded interest in the topic of the study excursion.

Students are asked to submit: a letter of motivation, a CV, and records of studies indicating also the levels of language skills in a single PDF or Word file. The candidates should be nominated by their respective DAAD Centers by April 18, 2017. Materials for all endorsed students should be submitted to:

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