24th International Conference of Europeanists “Sustainability and Transformation”

The Council for European Studies in Glasgow organizes 24th International Conference of Europeanists “Sustainability and Transformation” on July 12-14, 2017. Submission deadline is extended to October, 16.




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Research Papers Competition for Graduate and Postgraduate Students

The Centre for German and European Studies (St. Petersburg State University—Bielefeld University) together with the Council of Young Scientists of the Faculty of Sociology (St. Petersburg State University) invite submissions to a Russian- European competition of research papers by junior      scientists focusing on Russian society and culture.

  Deadline: September, 12

        Deadline is extended until October,1st

The papers (unpublished as well as recently published)    should address topical issues in social sciences and humanities.

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ARTS4CITY & Deutsche Woche 2016

  Arts for the city project in frames of the Week of Germany 2016 supported by Friedrich-Ebert FoundationGerman Consulate General and Center for German and European Studies present the public lecture “DIY culture of the city open code and prototype” and the workshop “Prototyping of infrastructure for public spaces” with i collective (Berlin) and Zuloark (Berlin).


Proposed workshop and seminar spotlight concepts and tools of free urban culture and good public infrastructure:  “do it yourself” and “do it together” approaches, open access to prototypes, use of cheap recyclable materials, artistic re-making of daily objects. The seminar and the workshop will benefit students of architecture, design, sociology, urban studies, and those actively interested in the topic.


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Annual Workshop on Research Methodology, Research Conceptualisation, Design and Presentation for MA and PhD students

Centre for German and European Studies is happy to announce the Annual Workshop on Research Methodology, Research Conceptualisation, Design and Presentation for MA and PhD studentsThe seminar will take place on March, 12, 10.00 - 18.00.

 Deadline for applications: February, 19

We invite junior scholars working on their PhD and MA theses towards European topics or including European cases in comparative perspective (in cultural, social and humanitarian disciplines) to discuss their theses with


  • Prof. Dr. Tatjana Zimenkova, TU Dortmund University, Germany

  • Dr. Verena Molitor, Bielefeld University, Germany.

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Call for papers for DAAD Postgraduate Conference among masters and PhD-students "What History Teaches Us. On The Social, Political and Diplomatic Relevance of Historical Analogies in The Beginning of 21-st Century"

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Call for applications for The Second UBIAS Intercontinental Academia: On Human Dignity (Jerusalem-Bielefeld) 2016)

The Israel Institute for Advanced Studies of the Hebrew University Jerusalem (IIAS), Israel’s only institute of advanced study, and the Zentrum für interdisziplinäre Forschung (ZiF) of Bielefeld University, Germany’s oldest institute for advanced studies, are joining to organize the Intercontinental Academia 2016 on human dignity. The first session of the Intercontinental Academia will take place in March 2016 at IIAS in Jerusalem (6–20 March 2016), the second in August 2016 at ZiF in Bielefeld (1–12 August 2016).

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Call for papers for International workshop «Current Developments in Central Asia: Politics, Society and (Inter) Regional Cooperation» is open

International Workshop will take place at Bielefeld University (Germany), October 23-24, 2015

Organizers: Chiara Pierobon and Andreas Vasilache

The workshop aims at bringing together researchers from the field of sociology, political science, history, law, economics, anthropology and other relevant disciplines interested in the study of regionalization processes and dynamics within and beyond Central Asia.

Proposals for papers at the conference are welcome until June 30, 2015. Applications should include an abstract of the proposed presentation (around 300 words) as well as the author’s short CV and should be sent to:

The workshop is supported by Volkswagen Foundation in the framework of the collaborative research and professionalization project «Exploring Patterns of Regional and Interregional Cooperation: Central Asia, its Neighboring Countries and Europe» (2012-2015)

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The paper submission deadline for workshop "Network Theory and Methods: Combining Structure, Content and Meanings?" has been extended until June 01, 2015!

The workshop is organized by VU University Amsterdam in collaboration with Center for German and European Studies, St Petersburg State University – Bielefeld University. The workshop will take place 31 August ─ 1 September, Amsterdam, the Netherlands.


Steve Borgatti is Professor in Management at the University of Kentucky, Gatton College of Business and Economics. He can be considered one of the founding fathers of modern social network analysis, and has published over 100 articles on social network analysis, focusing on both theoretical and methodological approaches.

John Mohr is Professor of Sociology at the University of California in Santa Barbara, Department of Sociology. He is an expert in the field of meanings in network theory and research, and has published widely on cultural turn in the social sciences, topic modelling and networks and meaning.

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The 12th Germany Week in St Petersburg, 21-26 april 2015

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New Working Paper available: Eleonora Burtceva, Barriers to the Implementation of the EU-Russia Cross-Border Cooperation Programs (Cases of ENPI Programs "South-East Finland – Russia" and "Estonia-Latvia-Russia").

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