Activities 2009

"Open doors day"

"Open doors day" at the MA programme "Studies in European Societies"

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International Conference "States, Regions, and the Global System"

International conference “States, Regions, and the Global System: Northern Asia-Pacific, Europe, and Today’s Globalisation” , in cooperation with Justus-Liebig-Universitat Gie?en and Institute for European Studies of Macau (IEEM)

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Youth Participation as Goal and Method of Citizenship Education in Europe and Russia

 International Multidisciplinary conference „Youth Participation as Goal  and Method of Citizenship Education in Europe and Russia”, in cooperation with Bielefeld University and the Centre for Independent Social Research St. Petersburg

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Prospects of a Common European House

Prospects of a Common European House. International conference and workshop for the teaching staff of the MA SES programme, in cooperation with Gustav-Stresemann-Institute, and Zentrum fur Europaische Integration

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Summer School "European Union Studies"

The Third Summer School for Postgraduate Students "European Union Studies: Methodological Opportunities and Limits" 

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