German-Russian Seminar

March 17-24, 2013

St. Petersburg

March 17 – 24, 2013 a joint German-Russian Seminar on the topic: „Encounter Europe and Russia. An introduction to the cultural, political and social situation in Russia and its relations to the EU“ took place in St. Petersburg.

Participants of the seminar were 15 German students from Würzburg, Landau and Bielefeld Universities together with the students of the St. Petersburg State University, who took part in the Summer School Otzenhausen in July 2012. Students visited different SPbGU faculties and other organizations, where they listened to and discussed different lectures on such topics as history, politics, economy, art, social problems and international relations of Russia andits cooperation with the European Union. 

The programme of the seminar you can find here.

Фотографии с мероприятия: