Methodological Workshop: "Semantic Networks Analysis: Applications for Social Sciences"

May 18-19, 2013

St. Petersburg, Russia

Semantic network analysis is a mature yet still quickly advancing field of social research developing a set of techniques to study beliefs, meanings, identities, knowledge, discourse and language in a wide variety of social domains. Semantic network analysis methods allow to model, analyze and visually represent cognitive structures of organizations, groups and individuals, to compare them across cases, to trace their changes and to relate them to other kinds of social structures. A spectrum of software solutions has been developed to accomplish these tasks. 

Invited audience: researchers, PhD students and students interested in the topic.

Working language: English.

Program of the seminar.

Presentations of the speakers:

"Words and Networks:Linking Semantic and Social Networks" by Jana Diesner

From Words to Networks:The Importance of Methodological Choicesfor Extracting Semantic Networksfrom Texts by Jana Diesner

Tutorial: "From Words to Networks: Extraction and Analysis of Semantic Network Data from Text Data" by Jana Diesner

"Linking social and sociosemantic networks in “real life” context" by Johanne Saint-Charles and Pierre Mongeau

"SNA Methods for studying organizational communication in conditions of institutional pluralism" by Vitaliano Barberio

Call for papers.

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