Scientific Environment 12.11 - "Sociological ethnography of police"

November 12, 2013, 19.00

Sociology Faculty of the St. Petersburg State University, ul. Smolnogo 1/3, entrance 9, room 229

The second meeting of the fall session «Scientific environment», organized with support of the Council of young scientists of the Faculty of Sociology, was devoted to the topic: "Sociological ethnography of police".

Ekaterina Hodzhaeva (IPP EUSP) was talking about "How the grassroots police workers see the police reform in Kazan" and presenatation by Kirill Titus and Maria Shklyaruk (IPP MU St. Petersburg) was focused on: "The fight against crime in Russia: mutual perceptions, conflicts and interactions of various professional groups."

Video from the seminar

Abstract of the presentations.

Actual programme of the seminars “Scientific Environment” for autumn 2013.

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