Annual Workshop on Methodology of Comparative Research and Project Design for PhD students and young scholars

March 22, 2014 (10:00-18:00)

Main office of CGES (Universitetskaja Nab. 7/9, Mendeleew-Zentrum)

We invite young scholars, working of their PhDs and MA Thesis towards European topics or including European cases in comparative perspective (in cultural, social and humanitarian disciplines) to discuss their thesis with

  • Dr. Elena Belokurova, St. Petersburg State University
  • Dr. Tatjana Zimenkova, Bielefeld University

PhD students, working in comparative perspective, and occupied with study of different phenomena of European societies, face numerous questions: how (and if) different phenomena in different countries can be compared, how the research field can be approached, how research questions should be formulated. They face the challenge of operationalising phenomena and termini, while applying them to comparative issues. 

The moderators will nominate one participant to be granted a one-month CGES scholarship within 2014 for the stay in any European country of research (for field work or scientific consultations).

To take part in the workshop, please apply with your CV and short (1/3 of a page) description of your PhD project until March 10, 2014 to: 

Methodological workshop of CGES provides with its international team of researchers expertise on the urgent questions of PhD research in different phases. During the workshop, the moderators give introductory insights into the specifics of comparative research and discuss differences between European and Russian approaches to PhD thesis conceptualisation. Then, participants will present shortly (max. 15 minutes) their research design, concentrating on the main questions and problems they face. Discussion with other participants and experts will follow, providing support in theoretical and methodological conceptualization and operationalisation, detecting problematic fields of given PhD conceptions, and suggesting some solutions.

The workshop is designed for PhD students in any phase of their research (and MA students, working on the MA Thesis) from political sciences, social sciences (preferably working with qualitative research methods), historical and cultural sciences, journalism and other social and humanitarian sciences, studying European societies. One of our goals is to support the internationalisation of the research by young scholars, providing them a possibility to address their topics in English.

Working language of the workshop is English (if necessary, some exceptions can be done).