The main formal requirements for manuscripts

  1. Size of the manuscript: from 3 000 to 8 000 words (including spaces, references and annexes).

  2. Language: English.

  3. File Type: Microsoft Word (format *. Doc).

  4. Font: Times New Roman, spacing: 1.5.

  5. The article should have a title and be accompanied by an abstract (up to 500 words) and 4 to 5 key words.

  6. The manuscript may contain up to 10 (altogether) photographs, diagrams and drawings in .jpg, .png, .tif or .pdf formats (no larger than 200 KB each).

  7. Please also provide the following information.

  • Information about the paper, according to the following example:

The paper has been written on the basis of the MA Thesis defended in the MA SES in June 2013supervised by Dr. Anisya Khokhlova. The author’s internship at the European Centre for Minority Issues in Flensburg, Germany and autumn exchange semester at the University of Bielefeld made an invaluable contribution to the following research project. The publication of the MA thesis in the CGES Working Paper series was recommended by the Examination Committee as one of the best papers out of five MA theses defended by the students of the MA Programme ‘’Studies in European Societies’’ at St. Petersburg State University in June 2013. 

  • Information about the author, according to the example below:

The author has graduated from the Faculty of Liberal Arts and Sciences of St. Petersburg State University in 2011 (Major in International Relations, Political Science and Human Rights). Her academic interests include theories of nationalism, language policy, ethnic identity, bilingualism and post-Soviet transformations.