Knowledge Structures: A Semantic Network Approach

Key participants: Dr. Nikita Basov, Prof. Dr. Valerya Vasilkova, M.A. in Sociology Artyom Antoniuk, M.A. in Sociology Margarita Sliysareva, M.A. in Sociology Nadezhda Zinovyeva, Artyom Rudenko (Faculty of Sociology, St. Petersburg State University)

The project is highly integrated with the fundamental research programme Intellectual Landscape implemented at St. Petersburg State University. The aim of the project was to apply and develop semantic analysis as an approach to the study of knowledge structures. During the project, a set of semantic network analysis techniques were combined and molded with regard to the subject of study. The project team developed quantitative and qualitative indicators of semantic networks to characterize knowledge structures. During the empirical part of the project, semantic networks of sociological knowledge were studied using the texts of the Journal of Sociology and Social Anthropology for the period of 1998-2012 as the data array. Structural analysis of semantic networks dynamics of sociological knowledge structures was run and the key factors conditioning new knowledge emergence were suggested.

Development of methods for 3D visualization of semantic structures of intellectual landscape was initiated in collaboration with the Center for Sociological and Internet Research of St. Petersburg State University.

The project resulted in the following papers by CGES staff and affiliated researchers:

  • Basov N., Vasilkova V. Semantic Networks of Sociologcal Knowledge // Journal of Sociology and Social Anthropology (in Russian);
  • Basov N. Knowledge creation in network communication structures // Sociological Journal. 1. 2014 (in Russian);
  • Basov N. Knowledge Creation in Communication Networks: The Perspective of Autopoiesis Theory // Proceedings of 2013 INSNA Conference. Xi’an, China, July 12-15, 2013;
  • Basov N., Tippmann E. Between Resonance and Dissonance: An Autopoiesis Perspective on Boundary Spanning Knowledge Creation // Papers of 29th EGOS Colloquium: Bridging Continents, Cultures and Worldviews. Montreal, Canada, July 2013.